A National Model



The HILT is modeled after a type of “sector partnership” called Next Gen Sector Partnerships. There are currently nearly eighty existing Next Gen Sector Partnerships across a national community of practice. The model achieves two important outcomes:

  1. Co-investment by businesses in a shared industry into their most persistent issues and biggest shared opportunities

  2. Scaled up coordination by a region’s education, workforce training, and economic development partners responsible for supporting economic growth and community members’ ability to get good jobs

The HILT is unique to Seattle-King County right now but is a prototype for future industry leadership tables, defined as regional networks of businesses or employers drawn from a common industry sector who come together to network and to take joint action on common pre-competitive priority areas. 

What are Next Gen Sector Partnerships?

Wondering what Next Gen Sector Partnerships are and what makes them different from traditional sector partnerships? This video is a primer for anyone looking for a quick explanation of the “what” and “why” of Next Gen Sector Partnerships.

Next Gen Sector Partnerships for Business Leaders

This introductory video is designed to introduce business leaders to Next Gen Sector Partnerships, describing what these partnerships accomplish and how they help business leaders tackle common challenges impacting the competitiveness of their industry.

Learn more at www.NextGenSectorPartnerships.com

Learn more at www.NextGenSectorPartnerships.com